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We wholeheartedly provide the highest quality of service and special moments tailored to your wishes and needs, whether it is dining out, accompanying you on domestic or international trips, arranging tickets to the theater, helping you with your luggage or shopping, or even just a pleasant chat.

We also provide inspection tours and attendants for foreign companies entering the Japanese market.

Our staff has a great deal of experience and knowledge and will support you with heartwarming hospitality. If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Accompanying and attending to travel in Japan

  • Have no one to travel with
  • Difficulty making reservations at restaurants abroad and cannot read menus
  • I cannot eat alone or take pictures while traveling
  • Traveling alone is fine, but sometimes you need someone to share the joy of travel with

If you have such concerns, please contact us. We will listen to your needs, help you plan an appropriate trip, and make reservations for restaurants and accommodations. We can also accompany you on your trip and take photos. (We can also accompany you on your trip and take photos with you (using our staff’s mirrorless single-lens reflex camera, etc.).

Inspection of companies’ overseas expansion

We provide inspection support for companies wishing to enter the Japanese market. If necessary, we can introduce you to relevant local staff, accountants, incorporation support companies, etc.

Travel companion service fee

independent travel

Basic fee: 16,500 yen per day / about 5 hours
*A 50% surcharge applies for nighttime, weekends and holidays.
*Transportation arrangements such as bullet trains and airline tickets, as well as accommodation arrangements, are charged at a flat rate of 1 hour each.
*Actual expenses for accommodation, food and beverage, and transportation for staff are to be borne by the client.
*We do not offer travel planning services. We can provide simple advice by ZOOM or telephone free of charge.
*We do not provide any illegal or sexual services!

Corporate overseas visits and business users

※Sample price
8 hours 56,000 yen

*For business use and corporate customers, we will provide a quotation after asking about the contents.

Features of KIZUNA Corporation’s Travel Accompaniment Service

We are familiar with travel within Japan

We have many years of experience in filming and location coordination. We possess a variety of information on sightseeing spots, delicious restaurants, fashionable cafes and shopping spots that we have visited for filming for TV programs and magazines, as well as stylish cafes and shopping spots known to those in the know. We can also flexibly respond to sudden requests such as “I want to eat something like this” on your trip. In addition, our staff members are certified travel service supervisors, a national qualification in Japan.

Service Area: All over Japan
Languages: Japanese and English
Staff members are generally located in Shizuoka Prefecture, so transportation fees will be charged from there.

Easy-to-understand fee structure

For individual clients (excluding corporations and business users for filming), the fee is ¥3,300 per hour. (A 50% surcharge will be applied for travel, transportation, and meals for accompanying staff.

We will also meet with you in advance to discuss your needs.
We can accommodate not only entire trips, but also spot usage such as all day or only 3 hours.


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